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This is a site dedicated to the understanding of Wolf (Canis Lupus) behaviour, and creating a database of all known recent mortalities, sightings, sign, both visual and aural, and den sites.

Its purpose is simple: to help hunters, trappers and biologists, researchers and photographers know where the wolves are throughout the province, and hopefully provide data that helps them in their pursuit of wolves, be it for observation, research, or population reduction. We even hope to be of some benefit to ranchers and Conservation Officers if we can.

Furthermore, we hope to have a forum where we can exchange ideas, location data, hunting, trapping and calling techniques, and gear recommendations, from Camo to Cameras. Additional info and tutorials can be added on specific calling/luring/decoy techniques, skinning methods, and what to do with a fur afterwards, from tanning and keeping it yourself, to taking it to a good taxidermist, to selling it to interested buyers.

Although the site is in its nascent stages, we hope to eventually have a one-stop-shopping site on where and how to locate Wolves, and what to do when you get there. From harvest to simply watching, we’ll give you the information you need.

Calls, calibres, catching on camera to camming with trail cams, Wolftracker.ca will have you covered!

 Welcome to the site, Please BOOKMARK us, and visit often!

The Wolftracker Team

Contact the crew at WolfPack@Wolftracker.ca




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  1. all the areas I hunt in around fort st john and surrounding area is over populated with wolfs. the game animals I hunt for food are pretty much gone. I wouldn’t care as much but these game animals feed my family, because they cant eat beef, so it puts me and my family in quite a pickle, we need to attend to the wolf problem as soon as possible.. I do know I am not the only family out there with this problem. We need help!

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