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As we all know by now, there are folks out there with a sworn agenda to stop hunting in all its forms, and trapping even more so.

We have nothing against Wolves, and have no desire to completely exterminate them from the wild, or even extirpate them from a certain area. (With the stated exceptions on protecting unique populations of other species on the verge of extirpation or extinction). They are a part of the Ecosystem, and the Top Dog before man came along. We fully respect that.

However: Wolf populations have exploded in recent years, ungulate numbers are down, livestock and human  threats and attacks and mortalities are way up, and people that rely on organic, free-range wild meat are often having a hard time filling their legal hunting tags. In some cases, even Native hunters are having trouble filling tags, which is even more troubling, as they are often not bound by the same restrictions that non-Native hunters are.

Times have changed. The “Let nature take it’s course” crowd is out of touch with the reality of the day. Pipelines, logging, ski trails, mining roads, highways, farms, etc etc etc have completely changed the Paradigm of a “Natural balance”. They do not need to be wiped out, or extirpated, they simply need to be managed in an effective, humane manner, by hunters who respect all life. I hope this clarifies things a little.

More on this later, but my point is: If you are issued a Password here, do NOT publish or share it. It is for you only, because you have been vouched for by one of us here at WT.ca or others. There are some  radical folks out there, full of passion and righteous indignation, and apparently devoid of logic and reason, that would happily use what we post and say as fuel against us. We would rather that not happen.

Please keep your password private.

Don’t make us block your user name, email and ISP, as we really don’t wanna do that. We really, really don’t. 😀

Welcome to Wolftracker!

Chris, Grand Poobah.


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  1. Hi there I need some help triing to figure out how to use this sight and how to post things. I have a farm that has wolf problems and I need to know how to get them. Can you or someone call me @ 1 250 793 1357

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