Why target wolves? Good question.

Here’s the short answer:

We think they’re amazing animals and a keystone species in several different ways. We simply want to dispel the myths that wolves only cull the weak, old, and sick, and keep herds healthy. We also want to dispel the myth that they don’t surplus kill, and that we should  “Let nature take it’s course”.  We, as humans,  have profoundly changed the environment, and wolves are surplus killers, so we fully support population control by hunting and trapping. That is all. Absence of Malice.

Wolftracker is here to help willing hunters get out there and be successful in this one goal.

Long answer:

I posted this on another website, but it explains our position fairly well.

I follow the Wolf threads pretty closely on several websites, and I really don’t see where anyone gets that opinion on the “Kill ’em All” attitude that “Hunters have”.
I saw on another wolf thread ONE comment like that, and a retort from a member chastising that comment. Every other comment was rational and balanced.
Extermination posts are generally not responded to because they’re ridiculous. You look at the VAST majority of threads and polls on wolf threads on different hunting sites and you’ll see that quite clearly.

Here are the facts:
A) Most people have never killed a Wolf, and many have never SEEN one. Not because they’re rare, but because hunters are not looking for them, not dedicating any hunting time to them, and wolves are wary prey.
B) VERY FEW dedicate any time, energy and resources to targeting Wolves, so VERY FEW are taken by hunters, and FAR fewer by trappers, and
C) Virtually no-one is in favor of  “Wiping them out”.  I personally know two ranchers, one has lost 15 cattle, one has lost 8, plus more ‘undetermined’, and neither one of those men that have faced significant losses have asked that they be wiped out, simply driven away from man, livestock, and have fear of humans driven into them again. Fair enough.

We have altered the balance, as many have said with crops for ungulate wintering, roads, ATV and snow machine trails and pipelines, gaslines and hydro lines for easier access, large open slashes for making it easier for wolves to kill moose and deer, fences, highway culverts where there used to be migration routes, subdivisions and roads in former wintering grounds and migration routes……the list goes on. HUMANS brought Moose and Whitetailed Deer to most of the province, and WE started fire suppression, road and track building, and clear-cutting.
There IS no true natural balance in most of BC. By starting to take ourselves “Out of Nature” as some see it, we have altered the balance that existed.
Therefore it must be maintained if it tips too far in one way or another, be it helping Mountain Caribou or Vancouver Island Marmots, Black Footed Ferrets or Burrowing Owls when numbers are in severe decline. True conservationists will help them.

The same goes for helping farmers and ranchers by harvesting elk or deer from their property when they’re tearing up the hay bales and breaking fences when numbers are large, deer are used to free feed, or when they live on farms to avoid the Wolves in the hills howling in the darkness.
When wolves eat endangered species, when they get acclimated to living off livestock, when they chase pregnant stock and cause them to abort next years farm income, or when they simply surplus kill because of an abundance of targets, they must be knocked back somewhat, and WE are the ones to do that. Nothing else will, short of a slow death by starvation or disease.
With no fear of man or farm, no fear of livestock or ungulate wintering grounds, and no inclination to literally drive the Wolves from our door, hunting and ranching in BC will see a noticeable decline, both in my opinion, and the opinions of many other informed and educated scholars and stakeholders. It has already begun.

Some may be against all hunting of predators, and some against all hunting completely, and while I respect your opinion, I don’t share it, as I really don’t think you’re looking at this without a considerable amount of bias, mostly based on unwillingness to accept the facts.

If there are any Anti’s trolling the site, please read that carefully, as that’s how the vast, clear majority of us think.
Wolves are  incredibly hard to hunt, and we have no desire to exterminate them even if we could.
They are part of nature, but we believe that we still are as well.
I hope this helps us understand each other a little better.

Chris, Wolftracker