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Well that was fun! Got some big dogs, some little dogs, and lotsa pics on the “Entries” page! Here are the winners of our very first contest!

1) Smokeapack with 1 wolf and 2 coyotes
2) Yakalot with 1 wolf and 1 coyote
3) Derky10 with 3 female yotes
4) Tbtes21 with two yotes, incl one female
5) BCDeerhunter with two yotes

CameronC with a female joins Kity with a male coyote in the group. The random prize is a BONE beer decal. Who wants it more or do I do a coin toss?
( I did a slight mix-up, my apologies)


Well it’s been a long time coming, and we here at Wolftracker are running our first contest! (Yay!)

Round One runs from Dec 1st, 2013 to Feb 28th 2014, incl.

You need to be a registered member of Wolftracker and submit all relevant details to as they happen. Photo, location, sex and date comprises an entry. You may also send details to our FB page  linked below.
**Submissions will be accepted until March 7th at midnight for animals taken in this time frame.

How do I win, you ask? On points, we answer!

Points will be awarded to the most effective ‘Canine Population Control Specialist’ in the Province of BC.

Most points accumulated in that time frame wins. One point for a Coyote, three for a Wolf.
Tie goes to the one with the most number of females taken.

This contest applies to Fair Chase kills. Legal harvests with rifle or bow. Trapped animals are not eligible for this particular contest. We’ll try to do something for the trappers in the future though. Need some sponsors for that.

FOUR Prizes available in the first round: (Wow, FOUR? Yeah…read on!) Nope, SIX now! New prizes added at the end.

*** Courtesy of Dan Petrisor, in Prince George, One of the following:

 Dan Petrisor Logo SIDEBAR   CORE Course OR PAL OR RPAL course in PG area. Transferable to give as a gift to a new hunter.

 Must be taken in PG . Bonus: Testing fees will also be waived for this prize winner.  At the end of it all, the only thing they will have to pay are the application fees ($30 for the CORE, $60 for the PAL or $80 for the RPAL) and for the books ($15 – $20).

This is your chance to pass the hunting tradition on to a new hunter, and help ungulate populations in BC.

Thanks Dan!***

*** Also up for grabs: iScope -which slips over a rifle scope and enables you to video the shot with an iPhone ***

And two prizes from Bone Beer: One long sleeve shirt for the points race, and a decal for the random draw. These shirts are cooool. We want some, but we can’t win. 😀


Alright folks, true to our word, we’ve got more cool swag for you predator hunters to win! Thanks again to Bill from VantagePoint Outfitters for these cool prizes, and for helping sponsor our first ever Doggie Down Contest!

Wolf Tracker BC's photo.

A 3-Pack of Slayer Broadheads. very deadly looking suckers they are too.>>>

 I believe they’re 100 grainers.

Wolf Tracker BC's photo.

<<<<Also into the pot from Vantage Point is a this: A Square Up bow torque indicator for bow hunters. Not sure if it’s camo or black yet, will advise.…

 Courtesy of Vantage Point Outfitters.

Points leader at contest closing gets CHOICE of prizes. Next will get choice of the prizes that remain, etc, until all are given away.

PLUS: Random prize: Anyone that notches up at least ONE point will get put into a random draw for a LARGE window sticker from BONE BEER! So anyone can win a prize! How cool is that?

Thanks very much to our generous sponsors for this first run!

Dan Petrisor of

Bill Tozer of Vantage Point Outfitters

Cory Jmaeff and Shawn Wudrich of Bone Beer and Hidden Creek Adventures

Thanks to all our great sponsors, get out there , and good luck!

Facebook page here: facebook-2


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