Camo Redeneck March 16 2014 Quesnel 223 female

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The Spring Contest has arrived! Just getting the prizes from Contest 1 all sorted and sent, and now we’ll begin Contest 2 .

 Prizes to be announced, but we have some gooders! Looks like we have some great discounts on Taxidermy, a handmade coyote call, some very cool LED lights for a quad, sled or truck, and maybe some cool, innovative new swag from a brand new camo and outdoor wear company.

 Rules are simple: Coyotes score 1 point, bears 2, and wolves score 3.

 All must be taken in 100% Legal Fair Chase. Must be taken from March 1st 2014 to contest closing on June 15th 2014. All animals taken in this time frame must be reported by Midnight, Jun 20th.

All entries must be taken and entered by registered members. Membership is free, so sign up and drop us a note as requested .

Why the new rules? Well: We’ve decided that, due to Island folks not having coyotes to shoot at (Lucky them), and the fact that Yotes end much earlier in some regions than others makes the Spring contest a bit lopsided. So we asked ourselves “Selves,” we said “what does BC have a lot of that are very active killers of fawns, calves, lambs  and kids?”

Well Bears was the obvious answer! So: since wolves are the primary focus of the site, we will stick with the 3 points each, to encourage folks to make that an actual goal. Bears will get 2 points. Coyotes will get 1 point.

 An entry consists of a photo, location, species and sex of animal. As a tie-breaker, females will be given a + beside the points earned. Please follow all local rules and regulations. Do not shoot a sow in the company of cubs.

 Here’s the first prizes in, with more to come!


Ray Wiens Cat face logo From Ray Wiens Taxidermy in Aldergrove BC, what should last as one of our major prizes, unless someone wants to out-shine his generosity! 😀

Ray is my personal taxidermist, and I love his work. When I asked him to step up to the plate and support predator control in BC he wowed me with some nice gifts, one of which will be in this contest. Ready for this?

A $250 Shop credit for Ray Wiens Taxidermy Studio!! Wow! Thanks for your generous gift, Ray! I think you’re gonna see lots of bears this spring! Click on the Cat to go directly to Ray’s page, and tell them Wolftracker sent you!


A very cool item if you have an ATV, a truck, a side by side or any off-road vehicle. These would also be great to add to yoYF-1218 LED Cube light.ur hunt camp trailers for those times you come in late to the skinning pole and need some bright lights to light up your camp! This prize is TWO 3″x3″ LED Cube lights which put out 1450 Lumens each in a flood pattern for  combined total of 2900 Lumens. Generously donated by , this prize retails for $220. Click photo or banner for link. Thanks Mike! Track Kit Banner 2 Medium


This just in, Wolftrackers! A brand new, in the box Trail cam! yay! Scout ZX7 Trail cam

 Well, this just keeps getting better! Now we have a brand new 7 MP Trail cam with 720 P HD video and No-Glo LEDs. Donated by Drunken Dave’s Super Awesome Gun Shop (TM)


More Good stuff coming in with more coming!

Vantage Point Outfitters added another iScope to this spring’s contest. And more stuff to come.

Up for grabiScope Videos: iScope -which slips over a rifle scope and enables you to video the shot with an iPhone. Click on photo to the left.

 More from Bill at Vantage Point! This is very cool and handy: More stuff in. From Vantage Point Outfitters, a Fenix Flashlight Headband. Fenix headbandWhat this is: A comfortable lightweight headband with an adjustable lightweight clamp so that you can take any small flashlight and clamp it safely to your head, freeing your hands. A very cool idea. From the Fenix Website:
Create your own headlamp with the Fenix Headband. It is specially designed for outdoor sports and converts your flashlight into a headlamp, freeing both hands to make your outdoor exploration climbing, hiking, cycling and traveling easier and more convenient.
Fits any flashlight with an 18-22 mm outer diameter.
Full product specs: Click on photo to the right >>

Stay tuned, as we are getting ready for our biggest prizes yet!

And as always, don’t forget to sign up to for more info and locations and other cool stuff.

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MORE to come, so stay tuned!