Wolves getcha 3 points, Coyotes get you 1 point,

Round One runs from September 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2015 .

You need to be a registered member of Wolftracker and submit all relevant details to wolfpack@wolftracker .ca as they happen.

 Photo, location, sex and date comprises an entry. You may also send details to our FB page

How do I win, you ask? On points, we answer!
Points will be awarded to the most effective ‘Predator Control Specialist’ in the Province of BC.
Most points accumulated in that time frame wins. One point for a Coyote, three for a Wolf.
Tie goes to the one with the most number of females taken.
This contest applies to Fair Chase kills. Legal harvests with rifle, shotgun, or bow only.

First prize available will be a repeat sponsor from last Winter Contest:

*** Courtesy of Dan Petrisor, in Prince George, ONE of the following:
CORE Course OR PAL OR RPAL course in PG area. Transferable to give as a gift to a new hunter, which we strongly encourage.
Course Must be taken in PG . Bonus: Testing fees will also be waived for this prize winner. At the end of it all, the only thing they will have to pay are the application fees ($30 for the CORE, $60 for the PAL or $80 for the RPAL) and for the books ($15 – $20).
This is your chance to pass the hunting tradition on to a new hunter, and help ungulate populations in BC.
Thanks Dan!***

Other Course Instructors from other regions are strongly encouraged to match Dan’s generosity! There’s no conflict of interest from other regions.
Butchers and meat cooling facilities are also strongly encouraged to donate a free day or ten of hanging, or a significant discount. (No wolves, lol, just ungulates)


Once again Ray Wiens has stepped up and will donate a ONE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLAR discount off any work done at his shop in Aldergrove. Thanks again ray, click the photo to see some of his fine work.ray wiens wolverine logo




Another new prize! A FOXPRO Wildfire 2 with the capacity for up to 200 different sounds.






And another cool prize! A two day/night stay at Sulphurous Lake Resort!  The Lucky winner gets two nights in a cabin, plus 15% off any additional nights they choose to stay. East of 100 Mile House, this is a year round resort for fishing, hunting, ice fishing and sledding or X-Country Skiing. This will be an early draw, as the offer is good til the end of June, 2015.

Sulphurous Lake Resort

Thanks SLR!


Wait, there’s more: A Predator Pack of Handmade calls from Roy Gerrath and Blacktail Custom designs/Cypress County Calls.

These are lovingly hand-made by Roy from Cherry wood and include a Coyote Howler and two rabbit squealers (One single reed, one double). Thanks again Roy for your continued support!

Roy Gerrath blacktail varmint pack coyote howler single and double reed rabbit squealer


New gifts! Antler Springs Skulls an Mounts is going to donate a free skull prep for any animal black bear or smaller. More to come!

Based in Quesnel, BC.