Wolf Depredation Numbers: The Real Story An essay on the re-introduction of Wolves to Montana, Idaho and Washington, and the devastation of Elk in many areas.

A Wolf Hunter Here’s another good site where the Blogger discusses all the aspects of what it takes to hunt one of the most difficult animals in the world to get in your crosshairs:   A Wolf Hunter


Need some new sounds for your MP3 playing electronic caller? Check out Western Rivers Website, and they’re yours for the taking. http://www.western-rivers.com/images/WesternRiversLogo.png ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Varmint Al’s Website If you want to know about coyotes, calls, calibres, cartridges and so much more, this site may be basic-looking, but is an absolute Cornucopia of Coyote Carnage. Really fun and helpful site. If it ain’t at Varmint Al’s, you probably don’t need to know it. varm.gif (18459 bytes) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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