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Monday, March 3, 2014


Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney has announced an amnesty for owners of prohibited Swiss Arms (SAN) and post 2007 import CZ 858 Rifles.

With prohibited status, the use of these firearms would be severely limited and thus their owners would lose significant enjoyment of their property as prohibited long arms may not even be taken to the range. The classification of firearms as prohibited affects the possession, ownership and use of these firearms for activities such as hunting and target practice, and an amnesty does not change that at all.

The amnesty covers possession of these firearms by their owners for a five year period. It remains to be seen if the Minister believes that this is the end of the matter, or if he sees this as a temporary measure until significant changes can be made to the Firearms Act and Criminal Code.

The thousands of Canadians who own these rifles, representing millions of dollars in legally acquired and lawfully owned private property and the millions of other Canadians who believe that their property is next to be banned and confiscated demand answers as to why the Minister approved the RCMP recommendation to prohibit and confiscate thousands of rifles at a stroke of a pen.

Canada’s National Firearms Association continues to advise Canadians to contact their Members of Parliament, the Minister of Public Safety and the Prime Minister and demand significant reform to Canadian firearms legislation.

Canada’s National Firearms Association is this country’s largest and most effective advocacy organization representing the interests of firearms owners and users.

For more information contact:

Blair Hagen, Executive VP Communications, 604-753-8682
Sheldon Clare, President, 250-981-1841
Shawn Bevins, Executive VP, 819-313-2887 (français)
Dennis R. Young, Alberta, NFA International Director, 587-360-1111
Canada’s NFA toll-free number – 1-877-818-0393
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Input is needed by Dec 13th in most cases. Wolves are on the menu, they’re over-populated, and decimating moose, deer, elk, and endangered Mountain Caribou. Please Sign Up to the MOE page and make your voices heard!

The proposals put forth by the Regional Biologists have gone to the Provincial level. Please REGISTER  and comment, and make your voices heard! There are proposed Regulation changes for the Skeena, Peace , Thompson and Kootenay Regions. Click the Region for the link.

Liberalization of wolf seasons and bag limits in the Thompson Region.

Submitted on November 13th 2013
Proposal Number:




Region 3 – Thompson-Nicola
Regulation Type:
General Open Season



Liberalization of wolf seasons and bag limits in the Thompson Region.

Current Regulations:


Species Area Season Dates Bag Limit
Wolf 3-12 to 3-20, 3-26 to 3-33 Sept 10 to June 15 3
Wolf 3-34 to 3-44 Aug 1 to June 15 NBL

Note; NBL = No Bag Limit

Proposed Regulations:


Species Area Season Dates Bag Limit
Wolf 3-17, 3-26 to 3-44 No Closed Season NBL
Wolf 3-12 to 3-16, 3-18 to 3-20 Sept 10 to June 15 3

Note: NBL = No Bag Limit



Observations of wolves and wolf sign from hunters, trappers, guides, Conservation Officers, and regional biologists suggest wolf populations continue to increase in size and distribution throughout most of the region. There are also significant wolf/livestock issues in many areas. Wolf predation has also been identified as a significant mortality factor for endangered mountain caribou in the region.


No formal surveys for wolves have occurred within the Thompson Region, except for the monitoring of wolf pack movement patterns and abundance in the North Thompson as part of the Mountain Caribou recovery program. The wolf population for the Thompson Region is estimated to be approximately 330-500 animals. Based on the three year average harvest of wolves (44), this equates to a harvest rate of 9-13%. This harvest rate is well below the maximum sustainable harvest rate for wolves and does not pose a conservation concern to the Thompson wolf population.


Wolf-Hunting Lengthen season & bag limit modification – no closed season, no bag limit
MUs – 3-17, 26 to 44 Rationale:
1. Anecdotal evidence from hunters, trappers, guides and incidental observations of wolves by regional biologists during ungulate aerial surveys suggest that wolf populations continue to increase in size and distribution in most areas of the region and can sustain a higher harvest;
2.There are significant wolf/livestock issues in many areas of the region;
3.COS currently invests significant resources (at times, all CO’s in the region) in addressing wolf/livestock issues;
4. Wolf predation is identified as a significant mortality factor for mountain caribou in the region.

This proposal intends to provide more hunting opportunity for wolves in the Thompson Region, while assisting the COS and landowners in addressing wolf conflicts on private property. As wolves are opportunistically harvested this regulation change is not expected to significantly increase harvests.

This will likely open for public comment in the near future, and Wolftracker will provide the link here!



Vote until September 11th, 2013, on the proposal of the US Fish and Wildlife services proposal to entirely delist the Grey (Gray) wolf from the Endangered Species Act. This is something long overdue, and the Wolf Huggers are all over it with their fake science and emotion-filled rhetoric, so get on this poll, please. Read more HERE

This is`s official response:

The management of any species should be in the hands of Biologists, and backed by science, not emotion-based rhetoric and agenda-driven campaigning. There is absolutely no need for the Grey (Gray) Wolf, Canis Lupus, to be under Federal protection. They have far exceeded recovery goals, are prolific colonizers, and management needs to be handed to every individual State to manage as they see fit. Time to follow science, not emotion.
Funny how the people against this don`t seem to care for all the fawns and calves and livestock killed, and all the surplus killing that goes on every day, but cry Havoc! when you suggest science-driven wild canine management.
For anyone that buys into this `Harmless Wolf`myth, please do some research, look up Surplus Killing, and read some of the works done by Dr Valerius Geist.


BC Wildlife Federation Response to:

The Draft Management Plan for the Grey Wolf in British Columbia


Prepared by the British Columbia Wildlife Federation
Earlier this fall the BC Government’s Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations release a draft plan for wolf management and asked for stakeholder and public comments on the plan. You can download the draft management plan and the BC Wildlife Federation’s comments by clicking on the links below:

Link to the full PDF from MOE here:
DRAFT Management Plan for the Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) in British Columbia

Link to PDF from BCWF here:
BCWF Response Draft Wolf Management Plan


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