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Single wolf attacks and kills prize colt and leaves the carcass uneaten,  then lies in wait later in the week to attack the ranch dogs.



OMG!!!……….. The same wolf that killed JR Luna Azul ambushed two Border Collies right after I let them out of their pen this afternoon. The attack was 300 yard from Kevin and I. We were feeding and watering dogs. The two border Collies went up Elk creek that runs in the field. The wolf ambushed and attacked both Border Collies  by a reservoir in the field. It appears to have left more black wolf hair in the snow ( from dogs biting back ) and lots of blood. The dogs Kyber and Joey are fine just tons of blood everywhere and puncture wounds caused by wolf teeth. This is the same wolf that killed my colt. Same track size and black wolf hair in the snow. Kevin is hunting it as I am writing this. I hope he kills it! I called USDA pilot Sam Kocheranes and Alex Head with Idaho Department Of Fish & Game.  I told them we need HELP!!!! The wolf attacked the dogs 300 yards away from us at 1:45 PM. We were feeding and watering dogs. I noticed the big ravens were in the trees above the house when we got home from picking up meat scrapes in town for the dogs. A wild coyote I named Lucky went running full speed in front of our truck as we pulled into the driveway. She was heading hell bent for election for a steep hill side across from the house. I should have seen the signs!! My two Border Collies were so fortunate. This wolf has to be extremely hungry to attack in broad daylight. We are very concerned at this point!

Really frightened!!

Jennifer Swigert     
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 JR_Luna_Azul_Killed by wolf and left idahoThe Tragedy of losing JR Luna Azul

  On Thursday February 13, 2014, JR Luna Azul was killed by a single wolf. In the grand scheme of things the death of a seven month old colt probably does not amount to much but in our lives it was the inglorious culmination of 12 years of fighting to protect our dogs, horses, sheep, goats and ourselves from the insidious assault by an ever-present predator.We are Kevin and Jennifer Swigert and we live at the end of Croy Creek canyon just seven miles from Hailey, Idaho. Kevin is a fifth generation Idaho native from Blaine and Custer Counties. We have raised horses for nearly thirty years around central Idaho from Stanley to Mackay and finally back to the Wood River Valley where we have been for the past 13 years. We also raise, train and vendor Bloodhounds to law enforcement, the military and search & rescue through our company Longstride Bloodhounds. We focus all our efforts and resources on our animals and have developed what many consider to be state of the art defenses against the depredation of wolves. We use stallions to protect the mares and foals, we use Akbash guard dogs and even have a ten year old pet coyote that is indispensible as an early warning that wolves are near and require vigilance.

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And now the good news:

The wolf that killed the Swigert’s valuable colt on 2-13-2014 finally met its end on 3-21-2014 at 1:50 PM. The wolf was killed near the approximate location that it  attacked two of their dogs on 2-23-2014. Hunters from around the region have been assisting the Swigert’s in dispatching this aggressive brazen wolf. During these 36 days, two sets of seasoned hunters became extremely unnerved when this same wolf snuck in on them from behind, coming only, “feet away,” and giving them a shock of a lifetime!Location_Wolf_Died Swiggert Idaho

The wolf appeared to be desensitized to gun fire. Many speculate that this is due to radical wolf advocates shooting off “hazing” shots to scare wolves away from hunters. This creates a very dangerous situation for human safety when wolves no longer fear gun shots! USDA Wildlife Services flew the area multiple times in search of the wolf. Hundreds of hunting hours were spent to harvest this wolf. Almost every night the same wolf would return to the area. Kevin Swigert used a very accurate long range rifle chambered in a 300 Winchester short magnum which was loaned to him from a friend to dispatch the wolf. The Swigerts had photographed the wolf tracks after the colt was killed and their dogs were attacked so it was easy for them to confirm this was the killer wolf. The Following is Kevin Swigerts report that end’s this nightmare.
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Wolves kill 176 sheep near Victor, greatest loss recorded in Idaho

Wolves kill 176 sheep near Victor, greatest loss recorded in Idaho
Credit: Idaho Wildlife Services

by Associated Press

Posted on August 20, 2013

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — A southeastern Idaho ranch lost 176 sheep as the animals ran in fear from two wolves that chased through a herd of about 2,400 animals south of Victor.

Sheepherders for the Siddoway Sheep Co. heard the wolves at about 1 a.m. Saturday, but didn’t know the extent of the damage until they saw the sheep piled up on each other at daybreak.

J.C. Siddoway of Terreton says almost all of the sheep died from asphyxiation. About 10 died of bite wounds and one was partially consumed.

Idaho Wildlife Services State Director Todd Grimm says it’s the greatest loss by wolves ever recorded in one instance in the state. About nine years ago, wolves killed 105 sheep on one night.

Grimm says a dozen wolves have been removed from the Pine Creek area this year.


Wolves devastate ranchers’ sheep

Dillon-area family loses 120 animals in attacks

BUTTE – Kathy Konen has lost guard dogs to wolves in the past, but nothing prepared the Dillon rancher for the killing of 120 buck sheep last week.

“They were in the sagebrush, on the creek bottom – just all over the pasture,” Konen said Thursday. “It’s a terrible loss to our livestock program.”

A Wolf in the Fold

By Michael R. Veine

A Wolf in the Fold

Animal rights groups have long advocated wolves and other large predators as a more humane and natural substitute for hunters for controlling deer and other game species. Truth is, if most people knew more about wolves and their feeding habits, they’d choose hunters to do the job. The true behavior of wolves is often glossed over by media, leading to widespread ignorance on the subject.

While researching this article, I came across a website that featured a video clip of a pack of wolves howling. The site invited visitors to comment on the video, and the remarks were shocking. “Wolves are so cute that I want to hug them and kiss them,” was one comment. Now I’ve heard the term “bunny hugger” before, but that comment took the cake.

A Wolf in the Fold
The writer returned to the scene the next day and took this photo of the wolf tracks.

Anybody who thinks wolves are friendly or cuddly is living in a fantasy world. I’m neither a wolf lover nor a wolf hater. Wolves are what they are, and their entire lives revolve around killing to survive. They are not evil, but they certainly are not more humane than hunters when it comes to taking prey. The particulars on how wolves deal out death is perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of wildlife behavior...

Full article here….




An Excellent Slideshow with narration about Surplus Killing by Wolf Packs.

 www.saveelk.com Slideshow.


An Essay on Wolves and surplus “Sport” killing in WA, ID and MT

Not for the weak of stomach, or faint of heart.


A letter from back in ’02 from Wyoming


Jackson Hole, WY March 19, 2002

Wyoming Citizens,

My wife and I went snow machining up the Gros Ventre last Friday March 15. Saw 4 wolves run across the road in front of us just east of the Red Rock ranch. Stopped and talked to two volunteers from federal fish and wildlife service, one from Maine and one from North Dakota. Noticed elk tracks everywhere. ( very unusual) Asked how many wolves were here? “About 13” How many elk are they killing? “Three or more a night” (not counting pregnant cows aborting because of being run and stressed.)

Continued up the road, appalled by the amount of running elk tracks everywhere. (They have been conditioned for years to stay on the feed grounds) Stopped at the Goose Wing feed grounds. Pile of about 20 to 30 dead elk (cows and calves) by the road pulled there by elk feeders. Some had small amounts of flesh eaten (10 to 15) pounds from hind quarters, left to die. Others caught by nose. Nose, lips and tongue eaten off and left to die. Wounded and stressed elk laying away from herd, unable to get up. (4 or more)

Threw up—went home—haven’t slept since.

Folks, night after night Canadian wolves are killing (not eating) your local elk herds. Don’t let the elk go the way of the American Bison!!! Stop the carnage before it’s to late! It’s worse than you have been led to believe.

Jerry Wilson
Born here 1938