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Stories and Statistics on Wolves killing livestock, including surplus or “sport” killings and mutilations.



Calf Killers in the Peace

Well Mike M sent me these pics of a calf that was killed by wolves in the Peace. Poor thing was only one day old. Found it on an American wolf page, lol.

“Mike M: No it wasn’t (Montana) I took this pic two years ago in field 1 on South Peace Stock Farms in northern Canada….. It was a wolf kill though.

Mike M: I skinned this calf out and there was supporting bruising on the neck that verified it was a wolf. I watched the wolf sit and look at the heifer lick the calf clean after she chased him off her calf.

Mike M: There are so many wolves here you can not let your dogs run in the bush because they will end up as food.”

So, to set the record straight, here’s all the pics of the calf in question. Maybe Mike wants to chime in with what happened to the wolf?

121 122 123 124


Is The Wedge Pack Back?

News from Wolftracker member Jeff Flood would suggest so. In June 2013 he told me that when the State of Washington decided to cull the Wedge pack for preying almost solely on livestock Jeff had fears they didn’t get them all. Seems he was right. He said there were at least 3 Wedges left, and a few stragglers moving in from the East. They may have re-formed into Wedge Pack 2.0, as wolves are again targeting cattle in the Wedge. Here’s a mauled calf that was left to die in the area, and eventually died from it’s wounds.

Fish and Wildlife has hired a Range Rider to help keep a lookout for wolves, but with no collars on any of these animals, the effectiveness of this measure will be limited.

The Wedge pack was known to cross the border into the area South of Cristina Lake british Columbia, and it’s to be expected that this one will also.

Wedge pack wolves mauled calf and left it to die  22-7-13












Another website detailing attacks on livestock, as well as humans.

Pin the tail back on the Donkey, or click HERE



Stevens County Cattlemans Assoc Cow mutilated by wolves

From the Stevens County WA Cattleman’s Association, a slideshow of Wolf kills and mutilations of livestock:

These photos have all been taken in the course of three months during which time an aggressive wolf pack in Eastern Washington has killed and severely injured a number of calves. All of these photos are at depredations that have been confirmed by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife as wolf attacks.  Go to the website and watch the slideshow here:  Slideshow


Seems cat hunters in Montana are losing quite a few dogs to wolves lately also.

Lion hunters witness wolf kill dog east of Hamilton

HAMILTON – In the 20 years that Tom Henderson has been hunting mountain lions with hounds, he’s never had a run-in with wolves. That changed Saturday.

It was about 10 a.m. when the hounds he was hunting treed a lion near Gird Creek, just north of Skalkaho Creek and east of Hamilton, after a two-hour chase.

He and his companions were about 100 yards away from the treed lion and the three dogs when they saw a pack of six wolves appear.

Raed the full story HERE


Wolves kill three houndsHound killed by wolves

Dogs attacked while pursuing mountain lion, found mauled

A thrilling hunt ended in the worst way for several local cat-hunters, as a harrowing night led to an expected and sad end.

Three hounds set loose in wild country by their owners to tree a mountain lion were never again seen alive by their owners.

Their owners, Phil Soucy, Clyde Carpenter and Todd Hittle, were chasing the cat between Flower and Parmenter creeks, just two miles from the edge of Woodway Park on Saturday, Feb. 2.

The hunters circled the area to look for fresh wolf tracks heading in the direction they wanted to free the hounds and finding none, deemed it safe for the dogs.

They were wrong.

Read more HERE



Some reading material:

Mitigating Cattle Losses for BC Ranchers.

A how-to guide on mitigating predation influences, a PDF File. Very interesting read, including theories about how some predators on or near ranches can actually be beneficial to ranching operations.

Also is a really good guide on how to tell what killed the animal, i.e. Cougar, Bear, Wolf, Coyote or non of the above.


Livestock Depredation — 7 Comments

  1. Getting cattle gathered in again this fall. Still out about 75 cows. Went through the cattle that are in and we are short 17 calves that went out with their mothers. At $8-900 each I guess we won’t be paying taxes again this year.

    The wife brought in a pair last evening, The calf had been attacked and bitten severely by wolves sometime in the previous 24 hours. She said another cow was bawling steady farther down in the timber. Will go check this morning. This will be the fourth to escape death that we have found. It will be put on antibiotics for the long, expensive road to recovery this morning.

    Wonder when the govt. will quit funding studies and actually act on reducing the wolf population to an acceptable level. Moose are almost non-existent in the immediate area around the ranch.

  2. That’s insane GCreek…perhaps we should organize a hunt at your place sometime this winter and give you a hand to try and help out a bit.

    Let us know here at WT

    • Calf died from it’s wounds. The wolves even had teeth marks 8 inches up the lower intestine. Have employed Layser Kennels and Contracting to remove offending pack. Dan Lay attended and has taken 3 wolves out in the last 5 days. Of note, large dominant male (125 lbs) was wearing a tracking collar and was trap wise. Apparently, the MOE also has the dominant female radio collared and she is trap wise also. She has dug up two traps since male was caught and destroyed. Change of mode today. With any luck she will be there next check.
      These wolves were collared 2 years ago about 15 miles south of our ranch and in another rancher’s range area. I wonder how many cattle the MOE biologist has witness as this pack’s food source without saying anything?

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