Interesting videos related to predators, prey, and control methods.

Wolves eat deer alive unafraid of humans northern Alberta canadaI want everyone to see this: Two wolves, unafraid of humans, snacking down on a live deer while it screams in pain. They have no concern that what they are eating is still alive and suffering.




Wolves in Government Clothing

 A really well-done documentary on wolves and their impact on ranchers and people in the Lower 48, and the lies used to re-introduce a non-native sub-species.





Shades of Gray YouTube

 Shades of Gray is a documentary that really does its best to show both sides of the issue, and even introduce some ranchers showing loss-mitigation tactics with wolf predation.





Ft Nelson Wolf Attack



Wolves try to attack children on a toboggan, thwarted by family pet.




Wolves Moose ScreenCapture


 A cow Moose tries valiantly to defend her calf from wolves.






Coyotes pack hunt kill deer

Anyone that claims coyotes don’t hunt as packs and kill large ungulates deliberately misinform themselves. Watch this pack rip up some deer.






Two Wolves in a sheep herd, good examples of surplus killing and the value of a good sheep dog. Undated older video, probably somewhere in the Caucasus Mountains, likely Southern Kosovo.

One Arabian Wolf slaughters herd of sheep.

A Coyote in a residential area in California attempting to hamstring a pet dog twice his size.

Two coyotes picking apart a prime whitetailed buck. Series of cam pics.

Coyotes in the West find a bedding area for deer and their young. Kill a small buck.