Question Tree

Question Tree

How do I change my Password?

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy: Log in with the one that we sent you, and then click your name in the upper right of the Wolftracker screen.

It will say “Howdy >Your name<!”

Click : Edit My Profile , scroll down, and enter your new password twice in the appropriate boxes.

Hit UPDATE.  Done!


How Do I Register for Full Access?

1) Use the “Registration” button under the Search box. This will enable the site to automatically send you a password. If you don’t receive a password within 5 minutes, check your SPAM folder. This is 90% of the “I didn’t get a password” issue! The other 10% is if you didn’t spell your email address correctly, so double-check your spelling.

2) While you’re waiting for access, send us an email with the same email address and user name you registered with, so we know who you are and who to approve. ALSO: Tell us how you heard of us, and what clubs or outdoor organizations you belong to. If you’re a member on any outdoors forums, please use the same name to sign up, or at least tell us what it is in your email to us.

This is to keep out spammers and folks that don’t contribute in some way to our great outdoors.

 You must wait to be manually approved by an Admin before you Log in with the password you receive, and you will not be approved if you don’t follow step two in it’s entirety!

 So, to recap:

2) Follow step two above, and send a message to
3) Wait for a response… a birdhouse, or something, maybe clean out the gutters…..
If you’re not a recognized member on a hunting, shooting, fishing or trapping website or Bulletin Board, or associated with a ranching, hunting or trapping organization, please tell us how you found the site, and why this website interests you.
Call us curious. 😉

I registered, but I can’t log in for full access. What gives?

Short answer: You didn’t follow step 2 above.

Long answer: Registration is a three-step process. Like the main Welcome page says, most of the site is wide open to the public, but some pics, and the savage truth of what wolves and coyotes do to livestock, wild animals, pets and even humans is difficult for some to see, so we’ve password-protected some areas. Included in there is the Map, because a lot of work from many people went into it, and we wish to ensure that only those that have either contributed to it’s content, or will do so in the future, will have full access.